Along with the dawn of the new millennium, a paradigm shift is taking place. Dominance of market forces in determining career choice, resource allocation and work force migration is being universally accepted. Barriers to the flow of financial, technological and human resources are decreasing and internationalization of governance is increasing. Rapid introduction of newer products and shift towards customer focused strategies makes competition for markets, technologies and good managers fierce.

Mantras for success in this unified global market space are evolving very rapidly. In order to gain market share, to expand into new markets, to set up attainable long-term objectives, to excel and to master core competencies, management education has become imperative. The onus for discovering and nurturing young talent lies with today's educational institutions. FOSTIIMA Business School is determined to encapsulate this challenge.

FOSTIIMA is committed to provide latest management tools and techniques to eager bright students who enter our portals. They shall be equipped to meet and overcome competition on the global stage. Our efforts are directed towards seeking young talent and fostering skills and attitudes that go into developing a competent executive performer.

Our holistic vision for the future focuses on strengthening motivation, raising aspirations and enhancing effectiveness.