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Student Accommodation & Facilities

Corporate Linkages

The institute has a placement cell headed by an alumnus which maintains strong links with heading corporate entities through collegial networking. This cell is responsible for exploring the requirements of MNCs and local organizations for arranging campus interviews for placement of students.


LibraryThe Institute's library is equipped with the latest books on all relevant topics. It also subscribes to a number of useful periodicals, journals, and magazines, both national and international. Students have access to research sites & e-books as well.

Internet Connectivity

All the students have free access to the internet, whereby they can keep themselves updated with information from the web world, and download the desired information.

Computer Laboratory

LibraryThe Institute has a well-equipped computer laboratory boasting of the latest softwares. The softwares are provided as per the requirement of the students and faculty. Classes are so scheduled that the students get hundred percent computers' availability.

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    Hostel Accommodation

    Quality of accommodation is made available to all the outstation students who desire it. These accommodations shall provide students with a comfortable and homely environment. We ensure that the hostels supervised by us are secure, healthy and comfortable.


    Two high speed/broad band internet connections function full time in all the rooms of the campus.

    Unique Strengths of FOSTIIMA

    FOSTIIMA Business School  provides the enabling support and the culture of learning which values teamwork, vision, creativity and discipline. An extraordinary framework is provided for achieving mission critical  objectives.. FOSTIIMA Business School  offers a platform for a highly interactive and experiential environment.  Today response managers require not only  depth of knowledge and experience but also  insight  and foresight to anticipate trends. Through the FOSTIIMA program, participants shall be enabled to interact with many industry veterans with cross-functional and cross industrial experience.

    Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) is  the  centre of  various transnational corporations using Indian talent for product development, marketing research, customer relationship management, and knowledge processing. Participants in our programs can interact with the process drivers and thought leaders in these transnational corporations.

    Students have to be prepared for a  rigorous  course work. We are sure  that is what the  corporate world is like. Students have to be prepared to spend over 100 hours per week in classes, tutorials, workshops, seminars, self study and regular industry interactions. That is how great managers are forged and at FOSTIIMA we don't believe in any shortcuts. Smart work and regular study habit are the fulfillment paths to a rewarding career.