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Egalitarian impulses to fulfil the quest for a democratic classless society based on a hierarchy of merit fuels the desire of individuals to access technical and higher education. Since education is an input through which socio-economic and political changes are mediated, it serves as a base for ongoing human resource development. Providing access and opportunity to higher income earning education & skill development, therefore, involves not only a change in the process of teaching and learning, but also in the content and the quality of the knowledge and training that is imparted.

The nineties of the last century have been a decade of transition during which education systems, the world over, have witnessed paradigm shifts, and have initiated academic reforms and delivery restructuring. The changes represent a response to urgent and immediate demands from the constituents of the polity. This process was itself initiated by the breakdown of traditional systems of equitable access to scholarly education by a mass upsurge created by the insatiable demand pull of the burgeoning market economy. Market economies and the unprecedented developments in information and communication technologies could only be satisfied by the ever growing larger numbers of entrants to manage complex business organizations and staff unique and novel businesses such as remote services, digital products, internet, and mobile phone services (which is going into its fourth generation in two decades).

The major developments in higher education during this eventful decade have been a paradigm shift from teacher-centred instruction to student-centred learning (to facilitate immediate employability), and the acceptance of the concept of lifelong learning, and the emergence of distance and modular education as a viable, and in many instances the preferred mode of education delivery. The digitization of instructional material has enhanced portability, replication, economy, delivery, exactitude and volumes. Above all, there has been an overall broadening of higher education characterized by numerous institutional linkages, dramatic increase in student mobility and the offering of a large number of programmes across the country, matched by delivery over cable, internet, satellite and CD at low cost.

Jaithirth-Rao kamal-sharma anil-somani Rajesh Kaura sunil-kala T-L-palani-kumar Rajan Sanghi
Jaithirth Rao Kamal Sharma Anil Somani Rajesh Kaura Sunil Kala T L Palani Kumar Rajan Sangh