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Message from the Director

Message from the Director

The vision of the HRD Minister to enhance the Gross Enrolment Ratio to 20% has finally taken wing and new regulations for accreditation,certification, and collaboration are being announced in phases.

Higher Education is the most important input for raising productivity and increasing GDP and the efficacy of the management processes employed in all departments of administration and production is a function of the depth, quality and range of the MBA education program of the country. Imparting of the right skills of leadership, developing contemporary curriculum, activity based learning, teamwork camps, and CSR activities develop leadership and character which are so vital an element of the Leader- Manager.FOSTIIMA MBA is designed to future proof careers by motivating students to adapt to the goal of lifelong learning. Outward bound Team Building activities shall continue to be supervised by global best practitioners and add value to problem solving teamwork

Performance of our students at Placement Interviews has been hugely (100%) successful and is the end result of our multifaceted pedagogy and targeted delivery. With the encouraging GDP growth & job creation data emanating from the US and the strong consumption levels in India & China- placement prospects in 2011 shall inevitably be an improvement on the recent past.

Students can look forward with confidence to growing employment prospects and many more jobs for a shrinking number of applicants (CAT numbers have fallen by 20% over two years). The benefits of the eagerly awaited upturn in the economy shall accrue to the cohort which enters FOSTIIMA's two campuses in 2011.